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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about NeutroPhase. If you have additional questions, contact Principle Business Enterprises, NeutroPhase’s exclusive U.S. distributor, at: 888-980-9702 or neutrophase@pbenet.com.

What is NeutroPhase, and how do I use it?

NeutroPhase is an FDA-cleared 510(k) skin and wound cleanser. For more information on how to use NeutroPhase, please read the Indications for Use.

What is the composition of NeutroPhase?

NeutroPhase is 0.03% pure hypochlorous acid in saline.


What is hypochlorous acid?

  • HOCl is produced daily by the body’s immune system in a complex series of events. Neutrophils release hypochlorous acid upon encountering pathogens, destroying those pathogens in the process.
  • HOCl does not create resistance and possesses rapid kill times.
  • Hypochlorous acid has been described as being 80-100 times more potent as a germicide than the hypochlorite anion (OCl; Dakin’s solution).
  • HOCl is effective against molds, fungi, yeasts, bacteria and viruses.

Why is NeutroPhase unique?

  • Only pure HOCl product available
  • Only HOCl product available with a 36 month shelf-life (others are 12 months or less indicating innate instability)
  • Only HOCl product made by a sophisticated compounding process (others made by electrolysis – “electrolyzed water”)
  • Pure, stable HOCl exists only in the narrow pH range that NeutroPhase occupies.
  • Patent covers the stable pH range for HOCl. Any other product manufactured with our process cannot be produced in this range.
  • Electrolysis products are not well pH controlled, leading to instability and short shelf life.
  • Packaged in medical-grade glass to prevent oxidation. Competitors’ products are packaged in PET plastics which begin to oxidize and destabilize immediately.
  • Unlike sodium hypochlorite anion (bleach) found in Dakins solution and other impure HOCl solutions, NeutroPhase is non-cytotoxic to granulating tissue.
  • No longer must clinicians face the unpleasant choice of either cleansing the wound of microorganisms or protecting fragile new tissue. Now both can be accomplished concurrently.


How does NeutroPhase compare against other HOCl cleansers?

NeutroPhase® Other HOCl Cleansers
  • Pure HOCl in solution
  • 36 month shelf-life
  • Produced by compounding for tight content and pH control
  • Packaged in glass for stability
  • Non-cytotoxic to granulating tissue
  • Patent covers stable pH range
  • Blend of HOCl and the cytotoxic agent sodium hypochlorite
  • 12 month or less shelf-life
  • Produced by electrolysis (electrolyzed water)
  • Packaged in PET plastic, easily oxidized and unstable
  • Contains cytotoxic sodium hypochlorite
  • Others have a range outside that of pure HOCl

What patient wound types are addressed?*

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Venous Stasis Ulcers
  • Acute Surgical Wounds
  • Traumatic Acute Wounds

*Bacterial biofilms and bio-burden play an important role in creating and sustaining chronic wounds.

Where can I purchase NeutroPhase, and how much is it?

NeutroPhase is available for purchase through Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. (PBE). You may purchase NeutroPhase in the quantity as shown below (please refer to the table below for specific item number and reimbursable HCPCS number).

Item# Description Qty HCPCS
1412 NeutroPhase 8 oz 4-pack #A6260
1413 NeutroPhase 80 ml 6-pack #A6260

NeutroPhase is for prescription use only. Consult with your doctor to see if NeutroPhase is right for you. Physicians may perform an evaluation of NeutroPhase by contacting PBE at: 888-980-9702 or neutrophase@pbenet.com.

How long has NeutroPhase been available?

NeutroPhase was launched in 2013.

How much NeutroPhase is in a bottle?

NeutroPhase is available in two sizes – an 8oz (235mL) bottle with 4 bottles in each pack and an 80mL bottle with 6 bottles in each pack.

What is the shelf life?

Each bottle of NeutroPhase has an expiration date on the bottle as well as the box. Currently, if the bottle is not opened, NeutroPhase has a shelf life of 36 months. Please read the Indications for Use for more information.

Will there be enough NeutroPhase in the bottle to treat multiple wounds and/or multiple applications?

The amount of NeutroPhase one needs depends on the type of wound and the treatment regimen. NeutroPhase can be applied as often as needed. There are approximately 500 sprays in the 8 oz. bottle (using mist application). 

How long can NeutroPhase be used as a treatment?

NeutroPhase can be used as often as needed. For detailed use instructions, refer to the Indications for Use.

Are there side effects to NeutroPhase?

There are no known side effects to NeutroPhase.

Does NeutroPhase sting when you apply it?

Stinging is not normal; however, some wounds are extremely sensitive to any solution applied (including saline) and in those cases, patients may report a stinging sensation.

What microorganisms can be cleansed from a wound using NeutroPhase?

NeutroPhase is a broad spectrum skin and wound cleanser. Please refer to the Indications for Use for more information.

Can NeutroPhase be used with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy?

Yes, NeutroPhase can be used in conjunction with wound vacs or instilled directly into the wound.